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about The keyport garden club

​The Keyport Garden Club meets at the KEYPORT SENIOR CENTER - 110 Second Street.  Meetings begin at 7:00PM.  Please view the events page for meeting dates.  Membership dues are as follows: Individual Member - $25 (annual renewal $20), Family Membership $35 (annual renewal $25), Friends of KGC $25.  Membership in the Keyport Garden Club, Inc. is tax deductible.  Join us!

Since our inception in 2008, the Keyport Garden Club, Inc. has initiated and maintains the following:

"Welcome to Keyport" sign gardens, gardens at the Keyport Post Office, gardens at the Keyport Public Library including an 18th century herb garden, Keyport Seed Library, gardens at the Keyport Senior Center, Keyport waterfront rain gardens, Keyport business district planters, the Elizabeth Street Community Gardens and Keyport GardenWalk - an event that attracts thousands of visitors to Keyport each June.

Decorating the Governor's Mansion for the Holiday Season 

Each holiday season, the Keyport Garden Club is invited to help decorate the NJ Governor's Mansion, Drumthwacket, for the holiday season.

In 2019, the Keyport Garden Club had the honor of decorating The Parlor. The chosen theme for this 2019 Christmas Season was a "A Traditional Christmas with a Scottish Flair,” in honor of Drumthwacket’s name.  

 As always, we enjoy including a little bit of Keyport in our design by incorporating a touch of maritime motifs appropriate for our town’s traditional historic oyster industry and maritime look.

We decorated for an “Elegant Scottish Christmas” and incorporated traditional, natural and live elements in the garlands and swags and lush period décor, as well as ornaments for the beautiful fireplaces, small tables and doorways. We included a Menorah on the round table to honor the full Holiday Season as well as a small Nativity scene, placed on the desk.

The Club focused on the wonderful fireplaces, where our large garlands exhibited Blue Tartan, as well as a gorgeous blue and silver ribbon to complement the Menorah for the Hanukkah celebration. Our floral accents were gorgeous pink and purple Hydrangeas, deep cranberry Celosia, dark pink Sedum, Clematis, dried Queen Ann Lace, a touch of yellow Asters, Blue Thistle, Zebra Grass’ White Feathers – all natural dried flowers, all from our own gardens - as well as a few silk accents. 

We used traditional live greens, pinecones, twigs, dry flowers as well as  white poinsettias. We used luxurious fabrics, decorative pillows, ribbons and bows in varying blue and silver colors and textures.